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Our team is exclusively made up of experienced individuals, each with more than 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge of our clients’ business.
CoCEPTIO guarantees that you will be working with a team that is committed to doing its job well and with mutual respect.

CoCEPTIO currently has a total of around      sixty employees and partners in a variety of fields to cover all disciplines related to a project.

15 years of experience in HVAC, plumbing and electrics
Michaël Squelaert
Senior BIM Coordinator
Elise Vandersleyen
Executive Assistant
10 years of experience as a pharmaceutical process project engineer
Aude Vanneau
Senior Process Engineer
8 years of experience in building design.
Anis Zarouri
BIM Coordinator
Over 20 years' expirience, executing AEC projetcs
Hugo Marques Correia
Senior BIM Manager
10 years of experience as a project assistant in the pharmaceutical and engineering industry.
Melissa Canzurlo
Project Assistant
Event Coordinator
Narcisse Mpagang Djonkou
HVAC & BSE Engineer
Maintenance Engineer
Michaël De Backer
BIM Modeleur
20 years of experience in HVAC, plumbing and electrics
Mauro Del Balso
BIM Modeler
First experience after 5 years of studies in architect civil engineering
Elena Barrois
Architect & Cleanroom Engineer
13 years of experience in engineering in pharmaceutical and hospital environments.
Thomas Mathieu
Project Definition Lead
Communication and information management
Marie Noël
Project Assitant
Lead Admin
Junio HVAC Engineer
Anthony Muratore
HVAC Engineer
Junior mechanical civil engineer specialized in design and production
Duval Ngoudjou
Maintenance Engineer
Jean-François Guisset
HR Lead
Manon Muratore
Benjamin Constant
Project Manager
Thomas Baudry
HVAC Engineer
Matthieu Decoux
Business Developer
Laure Fatus
Maintenance Engineer
Johan Janssens
CQV lead
O'Bryan Marlier
Process Engineer
10 years of experience as architect in health care and cleanroom project
Mélanie Masse
Senior Cleanroom Designer
15 years of experience in the world of life sciences (hospital, pharmaceutical industry, cell and gene therapy, biotechnology, medtech, health etc.).
Damien Bachelart
General Manager
Partner - Founder
Pierre-Emmanuel Bruyère
HVAC Engineer
CAD Designer
BIM Modeler
Arnaud Aimé
David Bochkoltz
Project Manager
16 years of experience as an executive assistant, particularly in human resources and communication/marketing.
Agnieszka Blasiak
Executive Assistant
HR / Com & Marketing / IT
20 years of experience as a draughtsman/designer in the pharmaceutical, chemical, railway and automotive industries.
Laurent Budzyk
Senior BIM Managere
Senior CAD
10 years in engineering, 10 years in maintenance, 10 years in applied research and teaching.
Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Cement industry
Stéphane Denis
Senior Maintenance Engineer
Project Manager
With some fifteen years of experience in the construction industry, much of that in the pharmaceutical industry, he leads teams to ensure the continuous improvement of the company and meet the needs of our clients.
Alix Goossens
Technical Manager
Jérôme Amicosante
Process Engineer
10 years of experience in the air treatment industry.
David Joris
Senior Project Manager
Business development lead
13 years of experience in an industrial environment (3 years in the oil and gas industry, 10 years in the biopharmaceutical industry).
Cédric Lafitte
Operations Manager
7 years of experience in an industrial environment (7 years biopharmaceutical industry, 7 months water treatment industry)
Kevin Luec
Senior Process Engineer
15 years in engineering, 10 years in maintenance, 5 years in production, pulp and paper industry, metal industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry
Thierry Marchandisse
Senior Partner – Founder
Process & Maintenance Expert
5 years of experience in production supervision and 3 years running a company.
Gaëtan Narducci
Construction Supervisor
8 years of GMP environment / processes experience
High Experienced in operational & process activities and project definition & management (in Biotech / Pharma companies & Hospital)
Valentin Nieuborg
Project Definition Lead
Process engineer
Ludivine Fresnel
Process Engineer
5 years of experience in HVAC in the pharmaceutical, hospital and biotech industries.
Julien Nortier
Senior HVAC & BSE Engineer
Project Lead
Jérôme Visentin
Electricity Engineer
Michaël Nortier
Senior HVAC & BSE Engineer
Project Manager
Based on his experience, he has proven abilities in :
• Reliability Engineering
• Maintenance and Calibration processes (Maintenance Excellence)
• Following the construction of a production building, for the maintenance needs
• Procedure author and trainer
Jonathan Arys
Senior Maintenance Engineer
12 years of experience in project management in industrial and pharmaceutical environment.
Thomas Popeler
Project Manager
HVAC Engineer
14 years of experience in graphic design (in career transition)
Sandrine Pruneau
BIM Modeler

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