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What’s involved?

Automation is the implementation of a software solution to control and command industrial processes.

The command part of the industrial process is associated with an automation solution (PLC, API, controller)

The control part (man/machine interface) is achieved via supervision (HMI, SCADA)

Our experience means that we can offer you innovative solutions to control your installations while also increasing their efficiency and improving the quality of your products.

How can CoCEPTIO help you?

Our automation engineers can help you from the design stage right through to commissioning.

We can take care of:

  • Defining the control/command solution to be implemented for your industrial processes
  • Integrating all the systems/installations/machines required for your needs
  • Deciding on the necessary budgets
  • Selecting any contractors needed to carry out your project
  • Monitoring the progress of your project from the design phase right through to commissioning
  • Coordinating the various disciplines (IT, electricity, HVAC, processes etc.)

CoCEPTIO promotes the idea of unifying automated systems in order to:

  • Standardise your facilities
  • Centralise all data
  • Make sure user interfaces are coherent
  • Simplify the maintenance of automation platforms
  • Reduce investment costs
  • Improve performance
  • Facilitate diagnosis thanks to the use of efficient tools and data analysis
  • Integrate the different technical aspects in a single system

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