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What’s involved?

By definition, a process is a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular goal.

For industries, we can also describe a process as a combination of technologies and methods to achieve an objective.

For any type of need (new installation, redesign, optimisation, organisation), our job is to define the best combination of technical and organisational solutions to meet the client’s requirements. We will also ensure compliance with local and/or international regulations and specifications provided by the client.

Our expertise is more focused on production or GMP activities. From production equipment (reactors, fermenters, purification, washing machines, autoclave etc.) to the storage and distribution of clean utilities (purified and controlled liquids, gas, steam, vacuum etc.). As this is the core of the client’s product, we can manage the integration of the other disciplines involved with our other departments (HVAC, black utilities, infrastructure or automation) to provide an overview of all the processes involved.

How can CoCEPTIO help you?

Our process engineers can help you from the URS phase of your project through to the execution of IQOQ protocols, in both conventional industries and new process technologies such as RNA or single-use for example.

We can take care of:

– Customising the definition of user requirements specifications (URS)

– Studies (from feasibility to detailed design)

– Defining the necessary budgets and planning implementation

– Contact with the supplier to secure an accurate proposal

– Selecting any contractors needed to carry out your project

– Monitoring the progress of your project

– Coordinating the various disciplines (IT, electricity, HVAC, processes etc.)

– Monitoring compliance with legal requirements

– Help with start-up and commissioning

– Support when it comes to qualification and validation

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