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In order to meet the new challenges of our clients, CoCEPTIO has established itself as a genuine partner when it comes to the design, implementation and even maintenance of their infrastructure projects, throughout the lifecycle of the project, making us really stand out in the market. CoCEPTIO is known for getting involved in the very early stages of a project, as well as in the much later stages, which results in better control of budgets and schedules.

  • In the early stages, we oversee the processes involved in defining your projects (programming, sketches, concepts etc.) and/or developing your master plans. 
  • Further on in the project, we can help with commissioning, oversee the qualification/validation of the installations as well as drawing up maintenance plans (including setting up the CMMS).

This approach guarantees complete control of the project, concentrating responsibilities, because right from the start, when you are defining your project, you can count on just one partner… CoCEPTIO.

Combined with a solid business and technical background, this means that our clients can be sure to benefit from cutting-edge expertise and real added value.

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