CoCEPTIO is a multidisciplinary team with impressive qualifications and experience in the relevant fields:



Our experience in the chemical industry is incredibly diverse, ranging from small to medium-sized organisations to sites classified as “MAJOR SEVESO” sites, whether or not they are in an ATEX atmosphere.
CoCEPTIO can help you with projects such as:
● Installation of an inerting system on a complete unit (ATEX atmosphere, major SEVESO)
● Dimensioning safety systems in environments containing exotherms
● Modification of the production and distribution of utilities (steam, chilled water etc.), from dimensioning through to commissioning
● Making sure installations comply with the PED
● Replacing a thermal oil reactor
● Mechanical resistance calculations (vessel, piping, expansion etc.)
● Maintenance support
● HAZOP studies
● …
Life Sciences

Life Sciences

With solid technical expertise and numerous clients in the sector (ranging from Biotech start-ups to one of the big pharma companies), CoCEPTIO can help you with projects involving:

• Controlled environment production areas
• Aseptic or confined production areas (BL2, BL3 etc.)
• Packaging areas
• Specific laboratories
• Animal house
• Production & distribution of pure utilities (water for injections, demineralised water, pure steam etc.)
• Process equipment (autoclave, isolator, decontamination station, washing machine, CIP/SIP, filling line, washing machine etc.)

When it comes to an installation’s technical requirements, CoCEPTIO treats a hospital as an “industry”, where the quality of care is the managers’ priority. CoCEPTIO has established itself as a preferred partner to these hospitals, helping them to improve the working conditions in critical areas, more specifically:
• Sterile pharmaceutical production (cytostatics, TPN, clinical trials etc.)
• Operating rooms
• MAR areas (“Medically Assisted Reproduction”)
• Protected and ultra-protected haematology wards
• Intensive care
• “Stem cell” area
• Clinical biology laboratories


With solid technical expertise, CoCEPTIO can help you with projects involving:
• Controlled environment production areas
• Production units
• Production & distribution of pure utilities (water, demineralised water, steam, production of chilled water etc.)
• Specific laboratories
• Process equipment (preparation vessel, cooling, CIP/SIP etc.)
• etc.

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