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As a supplier that can help with every single phase of your project (“Design & Built”), CoCEPTIO can also help you when it comes to maintenance.

CoCEPTIO mainly works in the pharmaceutical industry and understands the importance of the links between Design-Build-Operate and so the importance of maintenance in a project.

When building installations, it is the engineering department that is responsible for their status during all the phases of design/construction/commissioning, start-up/IOQ.

At the end of the IOQ process, responsibility is handed over to the user and more specifically to the technical department, which is then responsible for the status.  From that moment on, the authorities expect the maintenance programme to be up and running.

A GMP-ready installation must have a comprehensive and operational maintenance programme (which demonstrates that the installation remains fit for purpose at all times).

Maintenance programme

In addition to being an engineering company that manages your projects, from design to start-up, CoCEPTIO also provides you with a tailor-made maintenance programme that is adapted to your needs and fulfils cGMP and EHS requirements.

The programme is built in parallel with the construction of the installation, which allows for significant synergies and reduces the risk of surprises/omissions at the end of the project.

CoCEPTIO can provide you with the whole programme or just specific parts of it, following your procedures or bringing in its own.

CoCEPTIO can also manage the maintenance of your installations or help you with maintenance as you put together your own teams and/or during your installation’s start-up.

CoCEPTIO can also help you build, train and get your teams up and running.

Indeed, with a team made up of engineers who each have experience as Project Engineer/Manager and Maintenance Engineer/Manager in the chemical, agri-food and pharmaceutical industries, CoCEPTIO is completely at home with both aspects: implementation and maintenance for your installations.

Dominique, David, Benoît, Narcisse, Thierry and Stéphane are happy to help their clients optimise the maintenance of their installation.

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