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For specific assignments, CoCEPTIO can complement your own teams. A service entirely tailored to your needs.


CoCEPTIO provides tailor-made audits for all industries.
Our teams will support your teams in the field.

CoCEPTIO can respond to specific needs for expertise in areas including:

  • Technical expertise (PED, updating documents etc.…)
  • Regulatory expertise (GMP, PIC/S, FDA etc.)
  • Strategy (drawing up a Site Master Plan, exploring the structure of a project etc.)
  • Management (project management diagnosis etc.)
  • Carrying out risk analyses such as HAZOP, risk assessments (ISO 13849-1 2008, FMEA-AMDEC etc.), cause analyses (Ishikawa etc.), shutdown preparation (lockout, LOTO procedure etc.) etc.

CoCEPTIO also has extensive experience in the design of equipment:

  • Effluent decontamination station, H202 decontamination airlock, autoclave
  • Isolation equipment: Isolator, BSC, Hood, Downflow Booth
  • Bioreactor
  • Incubator
  • Still, osmosis system, GVP etc. for the production of purified utilities
  • Washing machine, filling line, conveyor belt etc.


CoCEPTIO also runs on-demand training courses, delivering the high value-added information that you need (in project management and risk analysis, for example).

Our experts also take part in conferences organised by professional associations such as Technifutur, A3P and ASPEC.

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