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CoCEPTIO has the business contacts, technical experts (logistics and lean management, regulations & compliance, senior engineers etc.) and tools to manage your project portfolio efficiently.

A team with all the necessary skills will be put together for you to suit your particular needs. This team will help you define your projects (drawing up the URS “User Requirements Specification”, expected performance etc.) by preparing a block diagram, which will then lead to the sketch / plan for your project.
This will help you assess the feasibility of your project on the basis of tangible elements (budget, schedule etc.) and to decide whether or not to pursue it.

Our interdisciplinary approach means that we can offer holistic solutions for your projects.

The expertise of our Facility Design department means that we can select and use new technologies to create compliant, sustainable, cost-effective installations in an optimal working environment and to meet the specific needs of the users, taking flows, logistics etc. into account

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Sky Merck Project 2019-2021
Zoëtis 2017-2019
Catalent 2022

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