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What is the HVAC & Buildings Services department all about?

At CoCEPTIO, HVAC studies involve establishing a set of systems capable of maintaining and controlling the ambient conditions inside a building. The goal is to make sure that the temperature, humidity and air quality are suitable for the activity being carried out in the building. Different types of technologies such as air treatment units, terminal units (fan coil units, radiators etc.) are used to fulfil these requirements.

In addition, the Building Services component, closely linked to HVAC, consists of forecasting the building’s needs in terms of:

  • Heating (Boiler, Heat pump)
  • Air conditioning (Cooling machine)
  • Mains water, Softened water, Domestic hot water
  • Disposal of greywater and sewage
  • Fire extinguishing systems (Hose, Hydrant, Sprinkler)
  • Steam
  • Medical gases
  • Compressed air

In the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry (hospitals, biotech etc.), which are key areas for CoCEPTIO, HVAC also aims to control and master critical environmental requirements, namely particulate, chemical and microbiological pollution.

To fulfil these specific criteria, additional technologies are used such as high efficiency filtration, air changes per hour, air diffusion, pressure control etc. More sophisticated air treatment units and finely tuned air flow systems are also used for this purpose, all the while keeping in mind any possible energy savings by using efficient machines and optimising dimensions.

For more localised processes, solutions called “mini-environments” are used to fulfil very strict criteria in a restricted environment, such as chemical hoods, biosafety cabinets, glove boxes and isolators.

How can CoCEPTIO help you?

CoCEPTIO’s HVAC & Buildings Services engineers can look after every single aspect of managing the projects entrusted to us from A to Z, including the following different project phases:

  • Feasibility/Conceptual Design
  • Basic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement
  • Implementation monitoring
  • Commissioning
  • Qualification
  • Maintenance

According top the client’s needs, we recommend appropriate solutions in terms of planning, budget and expected quality.

We can take care of:

– Defining the HVAC systems to be implemented for your industrial processes

– Integrating all the systems/installations/machines required for your needs. For example: Heat pumps, Chillers, Air treatment units, Cold rooms, Mini environments etc.

– Defining the necessary budgets for the project in question

– Preparing a comprehensive information pack (calculation notes, specifications, bill of quantities, plans) to help select any contractors to carry out your project

– Monitoring progress from the design phase right through to commissioning

The HVAC & Building Services department works closely with other disciplines, including in particular:

  • The BIM department, made up of modelers, to produce 3D models, plans and schematics
  • The Architecture department, to incorporate our systems in the construction elements (floor, wall and ceiling), as well as for the positioning of all building services (ducts, pipes) to make sure there is sufficient space in false ceilings, stairwells, openings in facades etc.
  • The Automation department, for functional analysis and to draw up input/output lists for automated systems
  • The Electricity department, to deal with the power supply needed for our equipment (normal, normal/standby network, UPS) and to ensure consistency when it comes to the electrical cabinets and cable trays within the same project.
  • The Qualification department, to incorporate regulatory control aspects as early as possible in the project.

The Maintenance department, to develop strategies for checking and maintaining the above-mentioned equipment.


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